“It has significantly changed my relationship with email. Highly recommend it!” Natalie Brown, University of the Arts London

Email Etiquette Training

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"A Microsoft survey has shown Managers spend 5.6 hours per week in meetings. However 69% people surveyed felt this time was not productive!"

Emailogic Email Etiquette Training - Change your Email Culture Forever

Emailogic delivers award winning email etiquette training that changes user’s email behaviour – as a result they manage their email more effectively, receive less irrelevant traffic and CC's and send clearer more focused messages.

“This is the best course I have been on in the last 5 years for creating time and reducing stress. I advocate it and have booked training for the people I work with.” 
Mark Till; Marketing Director, Barclays

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For the past 15 years Emailogic’s best practice training has been addressing the specific human behaviours, skills and awareness that business users need to get measurably better results from their email.

People who attend the interactive 90 minute seminar report the following clear, measured and proven results:

Time spent reading, writing & managing email reduced by: -31 mins every day
No. of emails in inboxes cut by: -39.4%
No. of irrelevant emails received daily reduced by: -25.0%
No. of times accessing email per day down by:  -43.6%

They also report less stress, more use of the phone and more effective management of email.

The email etiquette training provided by Emailogic is upbeat, engaging and entertaining.

We offer 2 simple delivery methods and guarantee you will achieve great results whichever method you choose.

1. Face to face Seminars is a fully engaging session. Delegates will be listening, watching the presentation, engaging with the person next to them, writing something in their reference book, and doing exercises.

2. Live Webinars allow delegates from any global location to join together and take part. 

Which training method will be best for you?

As part of your order Emailogic will fully tailor the session to include specific email related information regarding your organisation (volume issues, policy, security issues, compliance).

The easiest way to discover how email users in your organisation will benefit from Emailogic email training is to book a trial session. You can do this by booking our special web trial offer now.

Emailogic trial offer
Train 30 of your email users - £995 *+ VAT        
1 face to face seminar or webinar
* this offer represents a saving of £385 off standard pricing

An Emailogic trial programme will give you the opportunity to experience the email training for yourself.

You will be provided with a full evaluation report highlighting quantitative and qualitative data to help you build a business case for further training. Emailogic guarantee that your staff will benefit from this training – or we will give you your money back.

To book a trial or to discuss what it will take to have Emailogic delivered in your organisation call us now on 01452 886 556 or fill in the form below.

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