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Special Offers Terms and Conditions


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Emailogic Terms and Conditions for Special Offers

1. Inclusions
This price is for up to the specified number of delegates and includes the following:
- reference books for each delegate
- the tailoring of the seminar to include any cultural/technical issues specific to your organisation (we interview you beforehand)
- the supply of both pre and post course questionnaires for each delegate

Any extra delegates will be charged at a pro-rata rate

2. Evaluation
A full evaluation report will be produced from these questionnaires about 2.5 weeks following the seminar.

This report will clearly indicate the impact the training has had including:
- change in numbers of emails sent and received (relevant and irrelevant)
- change in size of inboxes
- change in time spent using email per day
- change in number of times users access email per day
- change in use of phone
- change in perceived stress
- return on investment

3. Logistics
The venue should be made available a half hour before the start time. Ideally attendees should be seated theatre style. We will require the use of a PC projector.
Webinar delegates will require a PC with broadband connection and, ideally, a telephone line.
4. Terms and Conditions
a) Invoices shall be paid within 31 days of the date of invoice.
b) All intellectual property rights in all the work, records, documents, papers, training materials, slideshows or other materials whatsoever conceived, originated or made by Emailogic Ltd prior to or during the course of any contract shall belong to and remain with Emailogic Ltd. The copying of materials and the replication of the training exercises provided by Emailogic, either in full or in part, is strictly prohibited.
c) For the purposes of this Clause c) the term "Confidential Information" means, but is not limited to; technology, methodology, documentation,
know how, details of intellectual property existing and planned projects, research and development and includes such information which by its nature can reasonably be deemed confidential. No Confidential Information disclosed by either party shall be passed on or utilised by the other party, its employees, agents or contractors other than as authorised under or for the purpose of this Agreement. Each party shall notify its employees, relevant agents or contractors performing or receiving services under this Agreement of the contents of this Clause and secure their agreement thereto.
d) In the event of less than four weeks' notice being given by the Client of the cancellation or postponement of courses or workshops or of the reduction in the number of Emailogic staff the Client shall pay the full charge (if less than one weeks’ notice) or half charge (between one and four weeks’ notice).
e) When an order is placed for a price discount, the whole amount quoted by Emailogic will be payable and Emailogic will deliver up to the number of seminars quoted for the bulk price. 100% of the total price quoted will be invoiced on receipt of the order.
f) The Client recognises that Emailogic's business relies upon the protection of its intellectual property rights and other proprietary information and trade secrets ("IPR") and that, in the event of an infringement or threatened infringement of IPR, Emailogic will be caused irreparable damage and will therefore be entitled to injunctive or other equitable relief in order to prevent a breach or threatened breach of IPR.
g) The Client shall pay Emailogic's charges for travel, subsistence and necessary overnight accommodation at cost.
h) All prices exclude VAT

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