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A recent study by Glasgow University cites "email as the thing that now causes us the most problems in our working lives."

Emailogic training will redress this balance so that your staff can spend time on the important things instead of trying to deal with hundreds of irrelevant and unclear email.








/home/awards-icon Award winning training

Measurements show that our e-learning product always produces a huge change in the way delegates use their email.

The e-learning programme has even been described by Thames Valley Police as the best e-learning programme they have ever seen.

It is fun, very interactive and contains lots of video content that keeps people engaged  and is available as a 45 minute e-learning course.





TrainingDelivered how you want it

This easy-to-use course is designed to help organisations transform their email culture and free-up staff time for more productive tasks by ensuring that employees use email more effectively.

It can save the average email user 31 minutes per day. In an organisation with 1,000 employees using email, this equates to a potential annual cost saving of around £2 million.






TrainingOver 18 years of results

Still not convinced?

The course helps people to:

- send clearer messages

- receive fewer unwanted emails

- cut their number of stored emails and attachments by an average 40%

- manage their email relationships more effectively

- experience less stress from email

- become aware of the impact their emails have on others and the organisation as a whole.