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The Proof

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"46% of businesses that linked training to their business plan benefitted from improved profitability and 76% from enhanced productivity - Warwick Institute for Employment Research"

The Proof

The proof is in our work. Whichever sector you are in, whoever you are, Emailogic has trained people like you and our training has had a huge impact. Just look through some Emailogic case studies and you will see.

Email training from Emailogic can help you to improve work communication, increase productivity, reduce email addiction and information overload. It also offers tips and techniques on the importance of email etiquette.

Delegate’s completion of pre and post course questionnaires mean the impact of the seminar can be measured to show how we help to transform the culture of an organisation.

Clients benefit from a detailed evaluation report, showing a broad range of behaviour change as well as the impact on the organisation as a whole. The report also confirms a realistic return on your investment.

Email etiquette training - average results

Here are the average results achieved by email users who attend Emailogic productivity training:

  • Time spent daily reading, writing and managing email -  DOWN 31 mins
  • No. of emails in inbox - DOWN 39.4%
  • No. of emails sent daily - DOWN 12.1%
  • No. of irrelevant emails received daily - DOWN 25.0%
  • No. of times accessing email per day - DOWN 43.6%

They also report less stress, more use of the phone and face-to-face meetings, and more effective email management.

Our clients tell us that it is easy to spot someone who has been on an email training course from Emailogic by the quality of their emails.

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“In these tougher economic times it is critical for successful organisations to optimise the productivity of their people, and L&D managers continually need to find new ways and ideas for delivering this cost-effectively." Peter Chevis, Director, Priority