“It is probably the most effective investment of training any organisation could make.” – Nikki Evans, Human Resources Manager, AIT

Managing the Meetings Challenge

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How to Get Better Results from your Meetings

Do you attend business meetings that:
- run over time
- are poorly chaired
- start late because people arrive late
- have no agenda or the agenda is incomplete

Based on customer demand Emailogic launched a training seminar that shows delegates how to meet the meetings challenge - and have productive meetings every time, as a chairperson or attendee.

This Emailogic training seminar includes all the attitudes, approaches and techniques you would want to be employed by staff before, during and after a professional, productive business meeting.

And like all Emailogic training it is engaging, entertaining, fast paced and packed full of actions delegates will take away and put into practice immediately.

After attending ‘How to get better results from your meetings’ training
delegates will:
- prepare effectively for meetings
- spend less time in meetings
- know how to keep engagement high
- achieve clear meeting outcomes every time

Course title:   How to get better results from your meetings
Duration:        75 minutes
Medium:         Live webinar or face to face seminar
Suitable for:   Anyone who attends business meetings (as a chair or attendee)

Emailogic guarantee that your staff will start having more productive meetings as a result – or we will refund the full cost of the training.

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