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At Emailogic we believe everyone should be a brilliant email user. Training in email etiquette creates huge productivity gains that mean staff have more time, reduce email traffic and communicate more effectively. And it is not difficult to achieve - as hundreds of thousands of Emailogic graduates have proven.

Have you ever sat through a webinar and at the end thought to yourself “That was fabulous!”

Here is a recent quote from the CEO of a law firm after she attended a webinar that Emailogic delivered in partnership with the CIPD:

“That was truly excellent. I was blown away by it – the best webinar I have ever been on. It was very interactive (you didn’t dare check your emails)! The content was focused and just the right length.” Sally Marsden – CEO at Grosvenor Law

You will be unsurprised to hear that Sally rated her overall experience of the webinar 5 out of 5 (you can attend the same CIPD/Emailogic webinar as Sally – its running again on 2nd December 2016 – click here).

The hallmark of a brilliant webinar is that it captures every attendee’s attention from beginning to end. That sounds straightforward, but how do you achieve complete and constant audience attention?

Here are a few Golden Rules of Wizard Webinars:

1. Interactions – ask for quick feedback with open and closed questions, run polls and use the software tools (chat pane, hands-up, survey tools, audio, whiteboards).

Golden Rule: The key to any interaction is that it has to be congruent with your content.

2. Slides
– Make your slides more graphical with few words: use diagrams and pictures. Keep your slides simple. Have more slides and more builds.

Golden rule: Never allow any visual content to be shown if it is not being covered in that moment. The audience must NEVER be looking at something that is not being spoken about.

You need to consider the technical side too.

3. Bandwidth – Will the attendee’s bandwidth be broad enough for your webinar? If you are using Video and/or VOIP (voice over computers) the bandwidth can easily be pushed to the limit and the webinar can falter for everyone.

Golden rule: Test the software, find any network bottle necks before the session.

4. Be Fabulous – Keep the pace high and momentum flowing. This means being 100% confident with your material, agile with the software and effective with your facilitation skills – all at the same time!

Golden rule: Rehearse your material thoroughly and never – under any circumstances – wing it.

Aim for your audience to react like Sally.

Emailogic are not masters of webinars – we are Wizards! Trainers from the RNLI, Chelsea FC, Gloucestershire Constabulary and Zurich insurance have trained with us in how to design and deliver live webinars that surpass colleague expectations.


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