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At Emailogic we believe everyone should be a brilliant email user. Training in email etiquette creates huge productivity gains that mean staff have more time, reduce email traffic and communicate more effectively. And it is not difficult to achieve - as hundreds of thousands of Emailogic graduates have proven.

For 19 years Emailogic have been working with private and public organisations changing email culture and training people how to communication with and manage their email efficiently.

Both we and our customers know that after attending Emailogic training people save time – over half an hour a day. They cut their inboxes by up to 40% and reduce irrelevant traffic. However most importantly they communicate more effectively experience significantly less email related stress. They become acutely aware of the impact their email use can have, not only on their own personal productivity but on that of their colleagues and the organisation as a whole.

Whilst we have been using email for decades, there are many new ways of communicating and collaborating such as Enterprise Social Systems, Instant Messaging and Web based meetings – all of which have become more prolific, stable and easy to use.

Yet according to the world’s most respected specialist messaging research company Radicati, business email volume is set to increase by 3% each year to at least 2022! In the age of the extraordinary technological innovations and the efforts and business IT spend this news is flabbergasting!

Yet ask yourself whether your email volume is reducing? Whether there is another dominant method of communication in your business?

A research study commissioned by Hewlett Packard conducted with 1100 email users demonstrated that emails have ‘an addictive drug like grip’. People were measured and found to be far less productive when message alerts were on (clue here) resulting in an average fall in IQ levels of 10 points (cannabis users display a loss of only 4 points!). Have you ever wondered why we call emal users “users”?

Also ask yourself are the people in your organisation using email as effectively and efficiently as they should be? Of course they can improve.

At Emailogic we say you shouldn’t be trying to improve email use you should be brilliant at it –it is the main way you communicate.

And given that the research shows that email volume is going to continue to grow every year for the foreseeable future (even after the UK finally leaves the EU!) isn’t it time you gave your people training on how to communicate and manage their email most effectively. How to be a responsible email user, how to manage relationships effectively through email and stop the passive aggressive rubbish that happens so often and does not represent who we are and the values of our organisation.

It costs only £42 + VAT per person and takes 90 minutes. Don’t you want your staff to save over half an hour a day?

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